Life in my secondary school



   Photo taking in the last days of our form 5 school life, all of those stay in my mind deeply, won't forget!

   中一至中五的一班好好好朋友, 無意中加入o左福建幫, 無計! 係學校勢力龐大(人多o者). 哈........



                       Still remember? my friends? how long haven't we being like that? we maybe no more chance to do with

                       that..(my bf here, can you find him??? we have not yet gone together in that time)

中一至中七o既一班好朋友, 中五暑假去麥理浩夫人渡假村參加宿營, 我籌組架! 叻唔叻先?!       



           First time being a volunteer, go with my good friend--ka ling, so happy with that day.

     中六o既時候參與義工服務, 去老人院探望老人家, 同公公婆婆傾計同埋表演比佢o地睇.