Traveling in Hong Kong & Macau



                      About 12 years old, can you see I was afraid because of the big monkey beside me.

                          咁大個女第一次去海洋公園玩, 你睇下幅眼鏡~~ 幾「娘」!  哈........


Still remember the theme of that summer time in ocean park is the dinosaur, look at the dinosaur behind us, it is       


第N次去海洋公園玩, 玩到無野好玩........... 身邊係好友嘉玲, 識唔識佢呢?!                             



First time in Macau, haven't won any betting in the casino, wrong day in my camera.

第一次去澳門玩, 夜晚成班人去唱K, 靜係記得果到好黑, 好煙同好多唔識o既人, 攝於澳門市政廳(可能係)門外荷葉池, 景靚人更靚, 哈哈哈哈..................



We want to watch a beautiful sun-raising but fail, never mind, sun set is beautiful too.

2000年9月13號, 是日中秋佳節, 攝於日落黃昏的清水灣, 人物: 嬉戲緊o既人群.


We played lanterns, ate moon cakes and lying in the beach to watch stars in the sky.

2000年9月13號, 是日中秋佳節, 攝於入夜的清水灣, 人物: 一對(似是)老夫老妻, 配襯嗎?