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Good friends' homepages:

Ar yin & her good friends' hp, so beautiful &sincere! http://wingyin.idv.hk/
Ar yin's toy--momo's hp, you will like it very much! http://hk.geocities.com/gentlemanmomo
Our ex-Chairman of A&B department( can download homework exactly! ) http://www.emuchina.net/oldnews/betty
 The hp abandoned  by its owner, so poor... isn't it?   ha.....(嚙踝蕭o嚙踝蕭update嚙磊嚙踝蕭~~~)  http://hk.geocities.com/stevenleung0212/
My good friend Ar Yan's hp http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=tracywhywhy
Would you like to have your own hp?! (like me) Only $200/yr http://easy4web.com/

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